Marked Giclee

Helios Edition of 30


In a fusion of visual art and music, I was an Artist-in-Residence for Helios, a unique vocal ensemble in Phoenix, Arizona whose aim is to illuminate early music with contemporary insight. Five years ago, Executive Director of Helios, Kenny Miller, had an open call for art to celebrate Da Vinci in music and visual art. I responded with a piece of art painted for the event, and named it "Da Vinci’s Whisper." Although an abstract piece, two cornerstone elements of the piece include a radiating sun sparkling with gold leaf in tribute to the origin of Helios and its greek, mythological god, personified as the sun. The second element in the work, I used a feather to paint a breath of transparent color, representing the beautiful Helios singers whispering Da Vinci’s genius in the concert.


Celebrating its 5th Anniversary, Miller and singers invited me to license this piece for use in the promotion of it’s anniversary. And in 2021 my artwork is on the cover of their album a7. I've made available a limited edition run of thirty Da Vinci’s Whisper giclees, signed, numbered and marked with gold leaf.

Da Vinci's Whisper