12 x 12 inches Acrylic & Mixed Media on Board

Playful and fun.

I epxlored a new colour pallete on this one and mixed in collage elements to bring in dynamic dimension on this piece. Since this piece is on board, I was able to really scratch through even dry paint to expose the unique and fun parts underneath. Play on words has always been a fun game for me - so this title came naturally.


This piece is unframed and doesn't really need one. But if you'd like a frame I'd be happy to arrange it for you . I have a great framer and typically use a drop frame that is a contemporary approach to my art. I'm available to advise as well as provide more images of the piece or am happy to do a video call to show you virtually. Just feel free to reach out 480-540-9530 or abstractartbyjoancollins@gmail.com



Scratch That