This 40 x 40 x 1.25 inch Acrylic on canvas, unframed (it doesn't really need a frame.)


When the canvas was hanging in my sudio two friends stopped in. They had just been home on the White River Apache reservation in Northern Arizona and were telling me and sharing photos of the Sunrise Dance ceremony. One shared photos of a beautifully beaded neck piece in hot pink he made for his sister - it took about a year and half to make. So inspiring. I usually start my canvases with a brush of a feather with ink. There was something about the moment that I invited him to make the first marks. (I've never done this before and typcially these marks are covered up.) From there I worked on this contemporary abstract piece for about a month, embracing the bright and vibrant colors of the sunrise, the feel of light and joyful dance and rejuvination brought on with the morning light.  His marks remain uncovered.


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Sunrise Dance