42 x 32 inch hand stretched canvas with Acrylic, oil stick, and pencil. 

It is unframed, but I'd be happy to arrange for framing with my local framer who does an amazing job using a modern, drop frame with several choices of colors. Free delivery. Please contact me for shipping quote - I have a great shipper!



Late spring and summer heat came fast as the days stacked up with an eye towards a getaway. I found myself exploring this contradicting feeling of responsibility vs escape. Take hold in the dictionary is defined as starting to have an effect. Sometimes I think we feel like we can't have an effect (or are shirking our impact) when we escape, there's an air of irresponsibility about unplugging.  But I love the idea that art has this capability to take hold as well as provide an escape. It pulls these worlds together. It can move the needle on how we feel, how we view, how we think while also providing shear abandonment.  I grab onto this often unconcioulsy I think when I paint, exploring the idea of transformation. In this piece there's a journey represented by the many lines back and forth, revisiting and traveling the path again and again through the tough times (darker paints) and great times (lighter paints). I never quite get "there" - but that's what's so glorious about it - do we ever?


This piece really needs to be seen by video or in person due to it's nuanced colors and lines. If you'd like to zoom, duo, facetime or come visit my studio please just reach out 480-540-9530 or abstractartbyjoancollins@gmail.com 

Take Hold