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Life without art is just meh!

Desert to Sea

"Desert to Sea" Explores the balance of nature.

Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland

Inchydoney Lodge and Spa Hotel

July 26, 2016 through October 2016

Launch Reception July 26th 11:30am-1 pm

"The glowing power, great intensity of vision and vibrant color of Majella's palette is harmonized with the heat and fireriness in Joan's bold and dreamy strokes. It is as if both artists brushed these intrinsic elements of nature; desert, sea, land and sky on canvas, resulting in dramatic and captivating images."

At last, the long awaited "Desert to Sea" joint art exhibition featuring Majella O'Neill Collins and me launches 4 weeks from today. The exchange transpired when I attended The Sherkin Art Workshop on Sherkin Island, West Cork, Ireland, run by international artist Majella O'Neill Collins and interior designer and color consultant Cora Collins. With mentoring and encouragement from these amazing women, my art is traveling to Ireland for "Desert to Sea." There is a unique synergy between Majella's and my art, which sparked this collection.

I can't believe the support I've had getting ready for this exhibition. It's been over a year in the making. Friends in Ireland and family and friends here in the States have helped tirelessly. I even have the delight of family and friends flying to Ireland to celebrate the launch! It's going to be an amazing ride! I'll be posting on Facebook and Instagram all along the way, in case you want to follow the journey. Just click on the icons at the bottom to follow this event!


A few years ago, my friend Stephanie and I decided to try surfing while spending a spa weekend in La Jolla. An expert navigator of water sports growing up near and on lakes, she had no problem getting out to the solid swells. I, on the other hand, kept fighting the shore breaks. I couldn't get past them to the good waves. It wasn't until much later, that I discovered the key to getting out there, was swimming through or under the surf with my board. Rather than fighting the thrashing, silty water and getting pummeled trying to get over the breaks, I simply needed to swim through them. This concept and visual has surfaced very strongly in my thoughts the past few months. And then, it appeared on my canvas. How powerful a thought! Rather than fighting against something or stressing about getting over a hurdle, we simply only need to glide peacefully and quietly through the tumult. The reward on the other side is limitless. Breakthrough!

Life Without Art Is Just Meh

Although quite unplanned, I've had the opportunity to live the life of a full time artist this month. I've loved every minute of it and inspiration seems at my finger tips. Yet, I've realized that, although my work in the green tech industry is demanding, work offers a balancing point - yes, financially for sure, but also holistically. The interactions I have with colleagues and clients. The diverse colors in the landscapes on the ground and in the air. And all of the natural treasures I find along the way. My work it seems is mixed into my palette. People say sometimes things just happen for a reason. In my case, recently, I couldn't agree more. I may never have had this realization. I know the pause button won't be on for too much longer - but wow, how truly gratifying it has been to learn this. Even better, it's been a blast to indulge myself in a delicious summer filled with the same daily, giddy anticipation I felt as a barefoot kid on Polley Road.

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