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Art Unsurfaced

Joan Collins takes you on her art journey revealing aspects of the art experience in this podcast that can’t be seen on the canvas. Each episode breaks through the exterior of art told with unique stories only she and those in her art eco-system can tell.

Episode 1: Hanging Art in Inchydoney, West Cork, Ireland

In the first episode, Joan’s friends Stephanie Stickford, Daphne Azzi, and Leslie Conners give a front row seat to visual stories about their experience traveling to Clonakilty, Ireland to help her hang and attend the opening of her show with a local Irish artist, Majella O’Neil Collins.

Episode 2: Traveling the Growth Curve of Art and Art Collecting

Featuring Michele Tihami who discusses with Joan about how collecting and creating evolves over time while life happens.

Episode 3: Collective Creativity: Broadening Art Circles Part 1 of 5

In this episode, I'm doing something different and talking with the first of five fellow artists who, plus me, make up the Chroma Collective Gallery - an online collective born out of the idea to broaden creative circles and enhance visibility to artists. The gallery launched at the beginning of 2022 and so far we've curated 6 exhibition with not only our art but the art of 36 guest artists. You can see what's on view now at https://www.chromacollectivegallery.comor on Instagram at My first talk in this series is with Joyce Legate, a native Souther Californian who is active in the Laguna art and design scene. You can see her art at or on Instagram at

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