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Letting art happen…

with the sea and her natural elements.

On a misty morning last Friday, I set off down the road to Traligagh bay in Toe Head, Ireland. A vision, rolled canvas in hand that I’d brought from Arizona, some organic ink, string, my totally all-in on the adventure friend from here who offered to photograph the experience in tow… I began creating in harmony with the sea.

The piece dried on a clothe’s line enough to roll back up and take with me into a workspace this week at the Uillinn West Cork Arts Center in Skibereen. I've been working on it all week in this modern buidling as I continue to build out my Entangled Beauty series here in Ireland and when I return to Arizona. I'll be introducing this work and othere in a show in Santa Fe, New Mexico in October. Early glimpses of the series can be found here.

“As water takes whatever shape it is in, So free may you be about who you become” - John O’Donohue


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