I always feel like art gets us out of the scripted world, and into a world filled with possibilities. - Joan

I live and paint in my studio, in the heart of the vibrant Scottsdale art scene in Arizona. I paint like a sculptor moving, adding, and scraping paint around the canvas. This technique results in striking contours made of heavy, opaque color and texture against thin, filmy transparency. I apply lines that some have said look like veins or pathways throughout my work. I also make many of my own brushes for effect, using feathers, ropes, wire, and other desert and beach findings. I create painterly surfaces primarily with acrylics on canvas, paper, and board – both small works and very large pieces that invite appreciators to walk into and experience. I focus on abstract designs, but they are always grounded and inspired by the transcendence of natural and urban spaces. My paintings have been referred to by curators as "highly energized landscapes and reflective space-scapes."

Curator and Director of Artists in Arizona Lauren Edgar noted, "For us, Joan's paintings create a sense of freedom, as with each brushstroke, she liberates the landscape into abstraction, helping us open our minds to life’s possibilities. Ultimately, Joan Maureen Collins works are about space. Her space, outdoor space, and even our collective space. She doesn’t define it, she liberates it." 



My painting is physical and messy. I paint like a sculptor, moving, adding, and scraping paint around the canvas. I find that technique results in striking contours made of heavy, opaque color and texture against thin, filmy transparency. When I paint, I often think of looking down at my toes in clear ocean water and the layers of light and shadows below me, and… those ripples of light. I also make many of my brushes for effect, using feathers, ropes, springs, wire, and other desert, beach, and urban findings. I’ve even discovered beautiful and rich earthy colors blending titanium white with red dirt from Sedona.


it’s a bit like skinny dipping; thrilling and                                

vulnerably revealing at the same time




Lower East Side, New York City

Gallery Artes Azulejo

September 23 Opening 5-8pm


Chroma Collective Gallery

Virtual Gallery

Rotating Exhibitions


Phoenix Art Museum

Artist Spotlight


Portland in the Park (Juried)


Contemporary Voices (Juried) 2021

FoundRE Contemporary Gallery Phoenix, AZ



Spring Forward (Juried)

Artists in Arizona Phoenix, AZ

Art Meets Fashion (Selected Finalist of 7/400 artists)

See | Me and Mint & Rose New York & Barcelona


RAA&M National (Juried)

Rockport Art Association & Museum Rockport, MA


In Motion In Stillness (Solo)

Artists in Arizona, Virtual Walled Gallery (COVID)



Prior to 2020

See | Me Digital Photography Exhibition (Juried)

The Louvre, Paris, France

Urban Ethos Exhibition (Juried)

Olney Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

In Flow Solo Show

Harumi Yoga+ Community Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona 


Desert to Sea Exhibition

Co-Show with renowned Irish artist Majella O’Neill Collins

Inchydoney Hotel, West Cork, Ireland 

Gallery on First, Phoenix, Arizona

UN3 Gallery

Co-Exhibition with Local Ceramicist, Daphne Azzi

Phoenix, Arizona


Inner Mission – always give back to community humbly and gently.

Public Works 
I was thrilled to be selected to participate in the Mayo Clinic Loaned Artwork Program Phoenix, Arizona 2019/2020. My art was displayed in the radiology department. It brought me such a good feeling to think that perhaps, even if for one patient, my artwork brought a sense of peace. 


As an Artist in Residence for Helios Renaissance Chorale, Phoenix, Arizona 2019 through 2020, my artwork had the great honor to grace the chorale’s concert covers.


Community Service

As part of service in the art community, I donate my art to one to two local art auctions benefiting several wonderful causes such as Free Arts Art from the Heart Auction an art based non-profit to benefit and encourage art in children from abusive environments. I also designed and taught a series of art sessions titled “Strength in Women,” from 2012-2013, for women housed in a Phoenix, Arizona based women’s shelter.  I’ve served as a Chairman and Vice President of the Board of the Sonoran Arts League from 2011-2014.


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