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“All life is a journey, and mine has been no exception. If anything, that is primarily what the past twenty years of my life have been. A journey to all parts of the world that has unleashed endless inspiration for an invigorating creative trip.”


For the past twenty years, I have had the privilege of working as a renewable energy expert. Through this challenging position, I have traveled the globe, gaining expertise and discussing the future of Mother Earth with fellow colleagues. From this vantage point, I indulged in the diversity of the landscape, comprehended the earth’s fragility, and felt the allure of its beauty. My memories from wandering the world are seared in my mind and soul. These soulful impressions seep through my canvases like negatives processed in a dark room. Abstraction is the visual language in which I express my love for nature. This extends to revealing the gripping essence of natural and urban landscapes in abstract form. My passion for nature and the environment is also reflected in my painting process where I often invent my own painting tools from found materials such as feathers, branches, and cactus spines, and more. I create my work in a series, where each painting coalesces around a theme, such as "The Wilds Free Me" or "In Motion, In Stillness." The series are titled to invite openness, and I create each body of work with no agenda, mission, or statement. Only to share the creative impressions from my life’s journey and to paint on the canvas what has been written on my soul. As such, I invite the viewer into my world, the worlds that I have visited, and my interpretations of them. Finally, and after extensive layering of materials, the painting will reveal itself and the artistic adventure is done. My soul soars, my mind is emptied, and I know it is complete. Then on to my next creative journey...

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