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Creating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Peace all from my studio in residence in Scottsdale. In February I signed up for a 3 month art master class - Art2Life Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton. Little did any of us know a what was ahead. During the weekly course and coaching calls I made marks, took notes and wrote the growing toll of COVID-19 in my sketchbook....after 100,000 plus souls lost, my pencil barely moved from the weight of it all. The toll on friends and family being impacted around the world cast long shadows and tears for injustices splashed onto my sketches. Even so, Ive kept expressing onto 12”x12” boards. I brushed on thick paint then scraped, peeled, chipped, sanded, printed, pasted, glazed, and painted over again. I squinted, bit my lip, cried, laughed, looked, felt, and listened. Launching the Small Works Collection is the final step in the Master Class. I heard a quote recently, “art isn’t decoration it’s an exploration.”

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