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A dream is in the doing...

When I find a place that sits at the apex of my creativity and soul...I go there.

In a few days I head for the West Coast of Ireland. Each year, I spend time with dear artist friends, explore the coast like its foamy turquoise currents, and paint. And every year my linear life which is scheduled to the max is quickly interrupted with the shear delight of serendipity. This year, during my second week in West Cork, I've rented a studio space in the Uillinn West Cork Arts Center. Uillinn means angle in Irish. I didn't know that until I just looked it up. Smiling to myself, I'm thinking, "I guess my apex concept will be put to the test in Skibereen." Skib is as the crow flies to the harbor where I took a red ferry to Sherkin Island for an art workshop that changed things for me - now ten years ago this summer.

I've mixed things up a bit this year by traveling with two prepped 70 x 120 inch, unframed canvases. They will be ready to work on when I get there. I'm going to let nature work on them too, but more on that soon. I found a telescoping tube for transporting the rolled canvases to and from Ireland hoping the airline considers it similar to checking golf clubs. On this trip I'll continue to build on my "Entangled Beauty" series which explores the concept of the beauty of nature. That the beauty of nature is about its subtle complexities, the grit of survival and exquisite contrasts. It's not about what we are supposed to see, but what we are surprised to see.

I'll be documenting and sharing my time in Ireland - so watch for my blog posts as well as my posts on instagram artbyjoancollins


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